Saudi Railway Company
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Train Driver

Job Description and Requirements



This position involves all duties and responsibilities associated with the heavy Haul rail transit vehicle operations and work. An employee in this classification is responsible for carrying out those functions pertaining to the safe, courteous and efficient operation of assigned vehicles. Responsibilities include but are not limited to routine operations, special operations, recovering from on board vehicle failures of a minor nature, exercising prudent judgment under a variety of conditions which may occur during a given turn of duty.


This is a safety critical position subject to the rules and regulation. Professional driving experience within the last three years. Experience may include, but not be limited to, previous operation of heavy haul rail traffic.

Possessing a continually valid driver's license for the past two (2) years.

Ability to pass the SAR physical examination by obtaining a Saudi Arabian residence permit

Ability to obtain and maintain a current valid American rail Driver's License with an air brake

Ability to successfully complete the SAR Operator Training Program in order to be certified and retain a thorough understanding of all new rules and procedures which are in effect.

Ability to use prudent judgment and common sense in making quick, safe decisions with minimal supervision and adapt to constantly changing operating environments.

Ability to effectively communicate, both orally and in writing, while interacting with customers and SAR staff in a courteous, professional manner.
Ability to read, write, and speak English.

Demonstrated physical ability to perform job duties to include: throwing rail switches, coupling/uncoupling EMD locomotives.

Ability to walk on track ballast, on uneven ground, sit for an extended period of time, and work in various outdoor weather.

Ability to work and maintain professional composure while under stress and pressure.

Ability to be re-certified periodically on standard operating procedures as well as through examination on all Rules and as hands-on proficiency.

Ability to maintain a high performance level of dependability, reliability and safety as demonstrated in the past six (6) months by reference documentation by last organisation

Ability to work unusual hours, split shifts, weekends, holidays, and overtime as required.




Conducts self in an appropriate manner as a representative of SAR, uses sound judgment at all times, works safely on the job, respects co-workers and assures the quality of services to all customers both internal and external.

Reports all unusual occurrences including vehicle and Maintenance-of-Way to the train Controller and follows all traffic, safety, emergency and standard rules and operating procedure.

Makes SAR consist up for service by altering consists as determined by schedule requirements and/or Controller's instructions and according to standard operating procedures.

Performs visual inspection of trains before beginning service in addition to an end of service inspection following arrival at Ports or mines.

Operate manually all track switches and other wayside equipment as appropriate

Operates test trains as required for acceptance of equipment and all other tests required which specify the need for train operations.

Completes accident and incident reports accurately at the end of scheduled shift.



Operates EMD locomotives into and out of shop building for repair or servicing and performs other duties required to support maintenance functions including wagons to spot locations
All other job-related duties as assigned



An equivalent combination of education, experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics consistent with required qualifications to drive locomotive hauled service trains.


Minimum : High school diploma or greater